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About AcademyEnglish

academyenglish began as one tutor, Rachel, teaching from her dining room. Soon she was inundated with requests for private tuition, so she started looking for another tutor. This was not an easy task as Rachel found it difficult to find someone who met her high standards. After interviewing in excess of fifty tutors she found three who were willing to deliver the same first class learning that she had been offering.

Before long Rachel was receiving requests to teach groups of students and she had also been approached by local businesses to teach their employees. This led to Rachel having to employ more tutors and find a venue for group sessions. This she did. Rachel is now running academyenglish as well as teaching privately and teaching several groups per week.

Rachel interviews all of our tutors and host families and insists that her standards remain high. Over 30% of tutors and host families that apply are refused employment. Tutors, who are accepted are observed at least twice a year and host families are checked every six months.

academyenglish is Rachel's pride and joy and she prides herself on her tutors and the comments received from students.