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Here at academyenglish we understand the importance of being able to communicate effectively with your workforce. Unsuccessful communication can lead to reduced productivity and low staff morale, especially when you have a culturally diverse staff.

We offer English language courses tailored to your business's needs.

Language training.

As expereince EFL tutors we know that students enrol on courses with the best of intentions, but find that they have taken on too much and are unable to continue with their studies. This can lead to 'gangs' of the same nationality sticking together at work and others feeling alienated. Being able to offer English lessons for your employees at the end of their shift is a proven way to improve the atmosphere. Larger businesses may choose to provide the training for their workforce, whereas the smaller business may provide the venue, but ask employees to pay for the sessions. Other businesses my just want a provider to refer their staff to.

We are able to offer each of these services at a cost that is extremely competitive.

Sessions can be tailored to both the employer's and the employee's needs. We can provide training in specialist vocabulary and also in general English - including the importance of 'pleases and thank yous'. This can improve both morale and productivity.

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